Welcome to Drive High School -- driving instructions for high school students on the Monterey Peninsula.

Our Commitment To Each Student:

• With the 6 hours of required professional instruction, the student will leave with an understanding of roads, highways, vehicles and the ability to recognize the inherent dangers each one may present.

• With personal and individualized guidance the student will have confidence in their ability and a permanent respect for other drivers sharing the roads with them.

This course includes defensive driving, safety, courtesy, anticipation and information are the keys to accident free driving.

• Defensive Driving - Leaving yourself room to react to others mistakes.

• Safety - Keeping your car in sound mechanical condition.

• Courtesy - If you can Safely allow someone to accomplish there maneuver allow them the time.

• Anticipation - Be aware of what is happening around you and your vehicle, always paying attention, recognising foreseeable problems.

• Information- Understand road signs, know your route, be up to date on current road conditions and pay close attention to your dashboard gauges.

Drive Carmel

About Drive Carmel

While there are many avenues to obtain your permit and certificate the drive Carmel school will provide you with the important answers and a comprehensive curriculum. The classroom setting will allow you to ask industry professionals questions as well as provide important driving information.  Basic driving skills will be a part of your everyday life for a long time. I cannot stress enough the importance of learning these skills by professionals. Carmel driving school is committed to the safety of the students as well as the general public, both present and future.  www.drivecarmelschool.com

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Drive Carmel Driving School